Data cleaning is the process of removing or amending incomplete, incorrect, duplicated or improperly formatted data in a database. The essence of data cleansing is to ensure that the data is accurate and correct so that it can be used as efficiently as possible.


Many businesses are completely unaware of the importance of data cleaning. They do not know that a database that has not been cleaned in a long time is prone to have incorrect phone numbers, wrong addresses, spelling mistakes or even worthless and inaccurate information. If your company has been spending on marketing campaigns and achieving little or have nothing to show for their efforts, then you might want to consider using a data cleaning tool. Buying this tool is significant because, your company may be investing heavily on false sales lead due to dirty, erroneous or duplicated data in its database. It is believed that many companies possess duplicate or inaccurate data on file. Any business making projections based on such incorrect data would end up targeting the wrong audience or wasting limited resources, advertising to a customer who is not likely to buy or use your service.

In today’s business world, there is no room for such wasteful spending. Therefore, it is crucial for every business to implement and use a data cleaning tool that can help turn your losses into profits by enhancing the quality of your data. However, using a data cleaning tool comes with a cost to not only your bottom line but also adds time to your employees having to utilize this tool.


The presence of duplicate entries in a database could mean that a prospective customer could be telephoned or emailed twice for the same offer, which could not only be annoying to the customer but also drive up costs for the company. It is advisable for every business to clean up its data one was it to use a data cleaning tool another is to hire a data cleansing company. The reason it is advisable is due to the amount of money wasted each year due to incorrect or inaccurate data is growing at an alarming rate. Instead of cutting down on the number of marketing calls or emails sent out to prospects, every business should instead scrub off unwanted data from its database. This ensures that every marketing campaign reaches out only to prospects, which could turn into customers of that company. The following are reasons why you should consider hiring a data cleansing company as oppose to getting a data cleansing tool.


Data cleaning services from can help turn your losses into profits by enhancing the quality of your data. The following are some of the advantages which your business stands to benefit by using!

  1. Improved data quality: Regardless if you uses Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Base CRM or any other custom solution, data cleaner from will help you improve your data quality, improve efficiency and save you time.
  2. Data Cleansing: Our internal machine learning processes will flag, clean, and fix bogus, typos or incorrect data.
  3. De-duping: We will flag duplicate records in your system and also help you establish business rules on which ones to merge and which ones to keep.
  4. Data Normalization: We can not only normalize and Standardize your data but also help with segmentation and analyze your data.
  5. Data Governance: We will provide you with a full set of recommendations on how to fix data issues so that it does not become messy again.
  6. Data Quality Reporting: We can help you set up a data quality scorecard so that you can monitor your data quality on a daily basis.

Want to get the best out of your database? Why not use today and see positive results tomorrow? Write us an email on or call 1-877-332-4923!

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