Building and maintaining an email list can take a lot of time and effort! This time and effort could quickly go down the drain if you do not give your email list a good scrub to ensure that you have deliverable and up-to-date addresses on it. One sure way to validate addresses on your list is to use an email list validation software. Email list verification software will scan your list, identify invalid addresses and right address with a high delivery rate. Regular List cleaning helps to remove bad, incorrect emails addresses or those who opted out from the earlier marketing campaign.

In addition to keeping your email list clean, it is important to make sure data is normalized and standardized prior to loading a new list into your CRM. One way to keep your database clean is to make sure any new list that is uploaded goes through a cleaning process. The process could include standardizing your phone #s, normalizing state names, adding a source in a proper format, making sure dates are in the right format, titles are normalized, etc… With Marketing automation tools, you can automate most of the processes with little need for human intervention.  For those that do not have the luxury of marketing automation tools, a simple list cleaning service maybe an easier solution.


In 2011, Mailchimp sent 50,000 warnings and shut down 46,000 accounts of companies due to stale or purchased email lists. It is vital for every marketer to ensure that their email lists are clean and up to date, as you could be doing some serious damage to your brand if you are sending emails to a purchased or stale list without taking time out to clean the list. Such campaigns can generate a lot of spam complaints, undeliverable – bounced emails, and unsubscribe requests. It could result in penalties from your email provider, ISPs, and anti-spam groups leading to a dismal marketing performance.

A list cleaning software helps to take all these issues away by ensuring your email listing is sparkling clean. Here are some of the benefits of using a list cleaning system or service.


According to research by Jupiter, more than 20% of emails on a list contains typos, domain and syntax errors. If such a list is not cleaned, the bounce rates of each marketing campaign would clearly double leading to issues with email providers, ISPs, and Anti-spam groups. Using an email list cleaning software or list cleaning service will help your company achieve the following results;

  1. Increased ROI: A listing cleaning software would improve your deliverability, thereby increasing your ROI on marketing campaigns.
  2. Reduced spending: Sending emails to a smaller, cleaned list reduces the amount spent while increasing the chances of your company reaching their targeted audience.
  3. Reduced Bounce rates: It will reduce the rates of returned or undeliverable mails. If your campaign were done via emails, it would significantly reduce the bounce rates ensuring maximum deliverability.
  4. Increased conversion rates: When invalid and inactive emails are removed from the list; your company would focus its energy on converting other prospects into paying customers because only interested in your product or service receives your marketing campaigns.
  5. Email correction: It will increase deliverability by correcting syntax and spelling errors due to data entry.
  6. Mailbox checks: It checks mailboxes to determine if messages would bounce or deliver.

Using an email list verification service will minimize the risk of being blocked by your ISPs, Email Service Provider and ultimately enhance the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox of your prospects.

If you are working with your old list or you purchased an email list, the follow-up investment should be to get a third party email verification service to look over your list before sending out your next marketing campaign!

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