Aѕ companies acquire more and more organizational data for sales and marketing purposes, their need for data deduplication grows. Without proper data clean-up which includes contact and company deduplication, companies are wasting time and money marketing and selling into the same companies and consumers.

The health of your CRM or database consists of preventative measure which is data governance. A systematic approach to stopping bad data being introduced into the system. And a secondary approach is fixing bad data.


No data governance is 100% successful. The reasons of duplicates in your system even with data governance and automatic duplicate preventions is that it is a live system with sales and marketing teams inputting data. With an extra space or character can stop even the most sophisticated of technologies from catching the duplicates. Therefore, companies should do at the very least an annual data clean-up. Typically a good data governance program would yield under 5% duplicates.

There are two ways to go about your de-duplication process. One way is to acquire a de-duplication software which would based on your selection identify your duplicates and assign “master”/”merges” for them. The advantage of those systems is that they have fast turn around, are automatic and could be cheaper (although that is not always the case). The disadvantage is that you need to have in-house personnel to manage them, they are not flexible and carry some risk with de-duping records that should not be de-duped.

The second process is to hire a service to do the de-duping for you. StrategicDB specializes in de-duplication of marketing and sales data. We work with different CRM and Marketing Automation systems including: Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot to name a few. We also understand that sometimes duplicates are done on purpose and therefore we de-dupe based on your requirements no matter how sophisticated your system is. Contact Us Today to Learn More!

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