Email MarketingEmail list cleaning and email verification has a lot of advantages. Users who often use an email validation or verifier service experience more accurate campaign statistics, increased email ROI, increased conversion, and lower bounce rates. In this article, we will discuss a few of the benefits companies can get from using the service of email data/list cleaning as a part of their general email deliverability strategy. List cleaning doesn’t come as a replacement for permission best practices, so it is imperative to utilize double optin and make sure you’ve permission to email your contacts. Below are some benefits you can get from a clean email list:

  1. Lower Bounce Rate: One of the superlative benefits of using email verification service is the lower bounce rate. A bounce rate that is greater than 5 percent is a sign that one need to clean his/her email list. These bounces mostly result from undeliverable email addresses on one’s list.
  2. Protect the sender reputation: One of the main features of email deliverability is the sender reputation that’s determined by subscriber level engagement, spam traps, spam complaints, and bounces. Regular email list verification is among the deliverability puzzle and can keep up a good sender reputation.
  3. Saves you money: Nobody likes to pay to send his/her messages to non-existent email addresses, do you? Email list validation can help your general marketing budgets associated with the email marketing efforts because of bouncing emails or duplicate emails within your CRM.
  4. Increased Email ROI: Despite the fact of saving money, email list cleaning boosts your overall email ROI by reducing bounces, cutting down the investment in undeliverable emails, providing more precise metrics for decision making and improving your sender reputation.
  5. More actionable data insights: Another advantage of cleaning and deduping your email list is a noteworthy insight into your data. Once the bad email addresses are eliminated from your list, you will get a better understanding of how engaged or involved your subscribers are with certain content.
  6. Accurate campaign stats: An undeliverable email tends to fail to engage, click or open. By keeping these email addresses on your list, your campaign stat won’t accurately reflect your email marketing efforts. Email list cleaning helps take out addresses that can damage your sender reputation and also skew your campaign stats.
  7. Prevent delivery issues: It is much easier to adopt a proactive strategy to email list maintenance than to hold up until you’re blocked from sending messages. Regular email list cleaning, email assurance, and real-time email verification can avert deliverability problems before they start.
  8. Boost Conversion Rates: An invalid email address will fail to convert. Email data cleaning often boosts conversion rates by getting rid of addresses that’ll never convert. When engaged audiences are getting your messages, your conversion rates will increase.
  9. More Active Targeted Marketing: Verifying and validating emails prevent you and your team from wasting precious time messaging invalid leads. After cleaning your email data, you ought to segment active emails from inactive emails and target each of them with right messaging.
  10. Boost Revenue Opportunities: Undeliverable addresses harm your sender reputation, resulting to your mails to be set in the spam folder instead of in the inbox. A clean email list gets high engagement, better inbox placement, and great income opportunities through targeting and segmentation.

Now that you know what a clean email list can do for you, invest your some time to choose the ideal company to get it done for you. StrategicDB can help you not only validate your email addresses, but also normalize fields and de-dupe against your current CRM system.

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