Why Do I Need to Clean Records Periodically? 

Data comes from various sources, and while each source has consistent and clean data it may not match it to your CRM’s structure. For example, if you are using a marketing automation tool such as Eloqua, Marketo or HubSpot you may be running Lead Scoring. If one of the scores is based on Title normalization and you have not normalized systematically the titles well then it will not score your latest uploaded list perfectly. That is just one example.

If you have a data cleansing tool in use, it can check for incomplete, incorrect, duplicated or improperly formatted customer details in your sales database. What does this mean you may ask? For example, a sales rep manually inputted a lead that he has talked to during an event. He did not check to make sure the person is not in salesforce. Therefore a duplicate has occurred and what could be worst is that marketing could send this lead to a different sales rep for follow-up on their campaign.

Therefore, it is advisable that you clean records on a monthly, quarterly and/or annually basis. A typical CRM or Marketing Automation data cleaning will include:

  • Identifying Duplicates and making suggestions which ones to keep and which ones to merge.
  • Normalizing and Standardizing Records
  • Identifying bogus records
  • Identifying or Marking outdated data and incomplete data records.

Best Way to keep Data Clean on an ongoing basis?

If you introduce proper systems to stop bad data from starting out in the first place you can reduce the number of times a year you need data cleaning. Another way is to make sure that you introduce data governance rules both systematic and process oriented. As for the marketing department, if lists can be normalised and de-duped prior to uploading that will go a long way to keeping your database healthy and clean.

Where to find data cleansing services? 

StrategicDB offers a full set of services to clean your data and help you set up data governance rules that will ensure a good healthy CRM.

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