StrategicDB can help turn your losses into profits by enhancing the quality of your data. Regardless of the solution you were using such as Base CRM, Hubspot, Salesforce, Eloqua, or Marketo, StrategicDB will assist your organization to improve its record quality, improve efficiency, and save you time. Typically when you clean data you will be taken the following steps:

  1. De-duping: A proper deduping software or service will identify  duplicate records in your database and help you merge them into just one record.
  2. Record Cleansing: The service will also include flag, clean, and fix bogus, incorrect or typo records.
  3. Record Normalization: Have fields that are not normalized/standardized? We will normalize your fields such as states, country, industry, annual revenue range and any custom field you have.
  4. Data Governance: We will work closely with you on finding ways to stop data from becoming dirty.  That way you can be sure that your data will stay clean in the future.
  5. Record Quality Reporting: Your company needs to be able to monitor the quality of the records in their database so as to forestall any future messy situations. We will help setup dashboards and data quality score cards so your management team can see the state of your data.

What can you do with clean data that you can’t with dirty data? 

Clean data means so much more than a check mark on someone’s to do list. It means: better reporting, segmentation, more efficient sales team, cost savings and better marketing.

Want to get the best out of your sales database? Why not use today and see positive results tomorrow? Write us an email on or call 1-877-332-4923!

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