Data deduplication software detects data that is duplicated and possibly bogus. The data deduplication software will also merge accounts based on certain business rules. The software will also provide you with a confidence level on the number of matches and you can set up rules such as only 100% matches to be identified to a certain percentage within a company name. Deduping process using software therefore, is automated and therefore will save you time identifying and deduping records on your own. However, when hiring a data cleaning service company you are able to not only customise your master/merge rules when deduping but also do other data cleansing.

Data cleansing includes: normalizing data such as country name, title, etc…, identified bogus records, validate addresses, set up data quality reporting and monitoring as well as help identify the source of bad data.

Benefits of Data Clean-Up

Efficiency in customer relationships

Your business needs to keep proper relationships with customers for better services and satisfaction. Data cleaning cleanses data and leaves you with an efficient list of prospective customers. The marketing process calls for accurate, updated and clean information so that your company gets the highest possible returns.

Data cleaning also helps in achieving high returns in email campaigns because your company will send emails to accurate email addresses. You also seamlessly manage to maintain multi-channel customer information that could not be possible with the use of any other software.

Decision making is improved

Customer data is the corner stone of proper decision making.  Without clean-up you could be sending prospect communication to your customers.  And having duplicates inside your CRM, you could be double counting the actual number of customers and prospect on your reporting. Once you prioritise on quality data management using data cleaning services, then your decisions are more likely to be accurate. The accuracy of your decisions depends on the accuracy of the data stored in your database. It supports analytics and business intelligence and services that data deduplication software only goes so far.

Streamlines enterprise practices

Once you eradicate duplicate data from your database records, it becomes easier for the company to streamline its practices. It leads to company savings. Data cleaning audit is the first step to understanding where dirty data is coming from, how duplicates are created and where inefficiencies in your business are found.

Reliable information, such as accurate sales data, can help your business perform better market analysis hence higher profits.

It gives a business a better chance to launch new products and services since it assists in analysis. Therefore, data cleaning services are a mush for any company which strive for efficient and data driven marketing and sales departments.

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