In today’s world, the data is getting bigger and bigger and it is very difficult to maintain all the data even if it does not seem necessary. Cleaning your Salesforce instance is one of the most important thing you can do for your sales and marketing teams.  There are a few solutions which can help you automate your data cleaning or you can hire a full-service data cleaning company.

Block the Content

It is often observed that the duplicate data is created by the users; in such case, you have to look out for the following free tools that will block the duplicate data that is created by the users,

  • Create rules to stop salesforce from creating duplicate contacts, leads and accounts by verifying that no email address or website is in the system already. This will not stop all duplicates from being created but will help minimize them.
  • DupeCatcher: Empower your clients to distinguish, block and de-dupe records for the purpose of entry. This application works for Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, however, does not have Salesforce1 functionality yet.

On the other hand, if the duplicate data is coming from the web to lead or through imports then you have to utilize the following applications to block such data:

  • DupeBlocker: Block copies coming in through Web-to-Lead. This paid application additionally includes functionality to block the duplicates at the entry points. There is a risk involved that you may lose decent leads and worst could not help with functionality.
  • RingLead Duplicate Solutions: RingLead offers answers for Web-to-Lead and rundown imports, and also information cleansing, diagnostics, and entry points. The diagnostic app is free while in order to use other functionalities you have to buy its premium version. Depending on the volume it maybe cheaper to do your own clean up prior to uploading lists.

Merge and Clean

On the off chance that it’s resolved that clients ought to have the capacity to merge their own particular Accounts, Contacts, and Leads, there is local functionality accessible in Salesforce, and you can essentially empower those permissions. Look out the following premium apps

  • Duplicate Check for Salesforce: This free application permits you to run a batch procedure to clean up your organization, de-dupe records at the point of entry. Moreover, it also takes the advantage of fuzzy matching for the duplicate data. Again, it is not a perfect way to catch all duplicates but it is a good starting point.
  • DemandTools by CRM Fusion: De-duplication, mass stacking, and strong information purging components. Probably one of the best tools out there for merging records such as accounts, contacts and leads. However, for sophisticated data rules this tool can only handle so much.
  • Case Merge Premium: Specifically for the Cases object, this paid application permits you to merge cases and their related records.
  • RingLead Data Cleanse: Identify copy records, and merge records naturally or physically, up to 1,000 records at once.

Catching duplicates is only the first step in salesforce data cleaning. A good data cleaning involves, detecting bogus records, establishing parent/child account hierarchy for your salesforce accounts, updating outdated records and appending missing information. Contact StrategicDB to clean your salesforce.

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