There are different types of duplicates that can be found inside your Salesforce. Salesforce dedupe can be done manually using internal tools provided by Salesforce such as mass deletion, updates and uploads. Alternatively, you can use tools such as DemandTools to merge your Salesforce duplicates. Here is a list of fields that you can use to identify duplicates.

Lead De-duping: 

Your lead deduplication can be done in two ways. One is de-duping inside your leads and the second is deduping between leads and contacts. For de-duping inside your leads you can use identifiers such as: email address and/or First Name, Last Name and Company or Country matches, or by phone. Please note, that phone numbers can be misleading as it could be a corporate business number and not a person’s individual line.

Deduping between Leads and Contacts: 

The hardest part of data deduplication is when it is done between leads and contacts. As you would need to identify leads that are already contacts. You can use the same fields as you would in lead deduplication. This is probably the most important aspect of deduping Salesforce. By making sure that leads are unique and not part of contacts you can eliminate embarrassing situations for your sales reps and marketing. You can also set up rules inside your Salesforce to prevent new leads being created if a contact already exists.

Contact De-duping: 

Contact de-duping can be done based on emails, first name and last name within the same account and also use an additional field called title to see if you need to clean up your Salesforce. For example, if an account was created 5 years ago and you have 2 Marketing Managers however, one is bounced back and had date created of 5 years ago and another that was created within the last few months than clearly the person is no longer at the organization.

Account De-duping: 

Account de-duping should be done on company name and address, based on website, phone # and/or Company name and country. Website being the most common unique identifier. However, keep in mind that the website can be the same throughout the world but you may have a different account in each country. The same goes for Company name which could be the same but could have different divisions represented in your instance. If that is the case, you would need to establish Parent/Child relationship instead of deduping accounts.

Once you have identified your duplicates, your next step is to establish “Master” and “Merge” rules. Typically, the rules include things like: record completeness, recency, any opportunities that are attached, prime contact flags, and so on. Your final step is to Merge the accounts/contacts/Leads.

It can take you anywhere between hours or weeks to perform your salesforce clean-up. StrategicDB a data cleaning company, can help you identify duplicates, apply Master/Merge logic based on your business rules and Merge records. Contact Us today, to find out more.

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