If you are purchasing lists, obtaining third party data or getting leads from events you probably need to do list cleaning prior to uploading to your CRM.

What List Cleaning do you need to do?

If you are appending or adding data to your CRM, the data should be standardized and normalized to your existing data. You also want to make sure you are not creating duplicates, therefore de-duping the acquired list to your CRM is advisable prior to uploading. Another, data cleaning you may want to consider is removing bogus records. If you are appending 3rd party data, you want to establish a hierarchy for updating fields that are not blank.

Why clean lists prior to uploading? 

By not cleaning up the list, you have the risk of creating duplicates. Also, by overwriting correct data with inaccurate data, you are decreasing your data quality. Finally, the biggest issue of not cleaning your list is the high cost of fixing it in the future.

How to clean lists? 

The first step is to establish your data hierarchy. The second is to identify if there are any duplicate records inside your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool. The third is to Standardize/Normalize your new data to match your existing data.

The other way, is to set up automatic clean-up, standardization and duplicate identification inside your Marketing Automation Tool. Automating data clean up comes at a high cost, but the savings in the long-run could offset the investment. It will also save time doing it manually every time or the cost it takes to get a third party to clean your lists prior to upload.

If you do have lists that need cleaning, feel free to contact us for a free data audit of the state of your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool.

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