While most businesses should do data clean-up on an on-going basis, most only realize they have a data integrity issue when they are getting ready to migrate data into a new CRM or database. Data migration clean-up is typically the last step prior to migrating your data.

The following data cleanup steps that should be taken prior to data migration:

  1. Data deduplication – identify all duplicates in your system.
  2. Data Verification – Verify and validate that your contacts are still valid for email and direct mail marketing. Keep
  3.  Data Normalization – Normalize and standardize fields into your new data schema. Keep in mind that if you have large amounts of data in the comments section of the file you may want to create new fields to populate from the comments fields. You can use machine learning techniques to do so.
  4. Append Data – in order to complete records with missing data. For B2B business – identify duplicate accounts, validate company data and normalize any account fields.
  5. Data governance – establish data governance rules for your new CRM/Database so as to minimize the need for data cleaning in the future.

Once data cleaning is done, you can go ahead and identify new opportunities, segment your list and continue to sell/market.

Since data cleaning can take up a lot of resources and can be a time sensitive project, it is best left for professionals. StrategicDB is a data cleaning company specializing in getting your data ready for migration. We can have your file de-dupe, appended and validated in a matter of weeks. Contact us today to find out how we can help your project.

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