The data you store in your database is vulnerable to errors if it is not cleaned up and maintained on a regular basis. A proper data governance using an automatic data cleaner helps resolve this issue. It removes data that is either improperly formatted, duplicated, incomplete or incorrect in some way. Keeping your data correct means avoiding unsound investments or coming to false conclusions (both privately and publically). This is why innovative companies invest millions in data integrity and data cleansing.  They realize the value in examining their data for any incomplete information in order to keep things orderly. Inconsistencies could originate from improper entry by a user, or by corruption in storage or transmission. StrategicDB can make your data usable by standardization and normalization (which enable better reporting, analytics and an improved marketing strategy).

We use machine learning techniques that can correct many different areas of concern including finding duplicate, records, normalizing records and identifying records with missing data. We also work with third party databases to help acquire and append any missing data.

A large area of concern for companies is customer information, such as contact information, being incorrect, missing or out of data. This can lead missed upsell opportunities this is where data cleaning plays a vital role. Our data cleaner helps bring your data quality score up as well as calculate your data quality. We can update up to 2 million records per client. As machines cannot catch everything, we provide manual verification and matching in order to better match rates. Our normalization/standardization process captures different varieties of the same terms (i.e. “NY” and “New York”) picking up on terms that are specific to your business. If there is data missing, we will append the data as well. If our third party is ever unable to match your data we take on the task ourselves and will do the matching manually.

By doing this we save you time so that your in-house database administrator can focus on other tasks throughout the workday. We also save you money as our process is highly efficient: our metrics are higher than industry standard metrics because we use multiple providers instead of in-house data. After our data cleanse is complete, your data will be consistent, more complete, and de-duped.

There is a significant cost associated with having inconsistent data in your database. StrategicDB can help you avoid this risk by keeping all of your data as it should be – squeaky clean!

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