What is the definition of Data Quality? 

Data quality is defined by qualitative and/or quantitative sets of requirements that must be met in order to business to be operational, drive decision and allow for future planning.  In other words, your data should be useful and usable for all areas of business. Another way of defining data quality is asking the following questions:

  1. Is your data Consistent?

Your data should be consistent in order to be able to identify trends for your decision making, segment for your marketing and usable for sales. Example of inconsistent data includes: the state of California, represented as: Cali., CA and California. By Normalizing it, all three values would end up as “California”. Now you can summarize sales for the state of California, distribute leads and allow for emails to go out only to your customers there.

2. Is your data Current?

Your data should be current, as outdated data is not usable for sales or marketing teams, can interfere with analysis and decision making. One way to monitor if your data is out of date, is to look at the last modified date, last verified date or last created date. As data ages, there should be a process in place to either nurture older data, store it or refresh it.

3. Is your data Complete?

Nothing annoys your marketers, sales reps or analysts more than having to fill in the gaps. A record that has key information missing can throw off your analysis, make your sales rep spend a lot of time searching for data as oppose to selling and make marketers generate generic messages due to a lack of segmentation. In order to avoid having incomplete data, you can set certain fields as mandatory prior to having a record saved, append missing information on an on-going basis or simply put a completeness score and only use complete records in your business.

4. Is your date Correct?

Correctness is the hardest thing to measure, however, you can still measure correct data by the number of times a field has been changed.

Regardless of how you choose to measure data quality and what your definition of data quality is, if data quality becomes an issue you need to think of data cleaning. StrategicDB provides data cleaning services to help with your data quality.

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