With the amount of records your sales and marketing creates, it is impossible to not create duplicates. Once a duplicate record is created, your database’s quality has been decreased. Within the sales and marketing sector, these duplicate records cause issues not just for sales and marketing but also for analysts, executives and operations. Here are some reasons why every firm should invest money in a de-duping service or a de-duping tool.

  1. Save sales reps time

Regardless of how long a sales person spends on a lead what is worst is that lead could be already a customer, could have been already contacted by another sales person and the lead could have already been lost to a competitor. This not only wastes your teams time but also makes your organization looks disorganized and unprofessional. By removing duplicates you are giving sales reps their time back to sell to actual leads which no one but them has touched.

  1. Improve reporting and decision making

Duplicate records make your reports and funnel analysis inaccurate. The amount of inaccuracy that you are basing your business decisions are directly impacted by the amount of duplicates you have in your CRM. While, you will never have a perfect 100% duplicate free system, you could get close which would only better your decision making.

  1. Improve marketing results

Marketing to prospects when they are already clients would not only create confusion but also have a negative impact on your reputation. For anyone that is segmenting and sending different offers based on client’s score or segment by having a duplicate record they could be receiving two different offers. This will not only make your company look unprofessional but also could hurt sales down the line.

Time, better decision making and marketing results are just some of the benefits of de-duping your prospects and customer leads. If you have not invested in de-duping and have been in business for a few years you may want to choose to do so as your team is probably feeling the impact of duplicate records. If you require any type of de-duplication service, StrategicDB is here to help!

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