Contact data will decay over time. Even the best marketer in the world is not immune to it. The typical American employee changes jobs every four and a half years. They get terminated, promoted or find a better opportunity elsewhere. That’s why there’s a need to clean your contacts on a regular basis.

The information in your CRM can become stale over time for your leads that include a change in title, working location, phone number, department, area code, email address, company name, company website, and a lot more. According to some stats around 12 percent of the information can change each year.

The good news is that there are several methods you can use to maintain a clean B2B marketing database. The first thing you can do is to continuously generate new leads. Make sure that you use different channels to get leads, which is considered the fuel in your marketing database.

There are applications that you can use to remove and stop duplicates from happening. These leads will only cause inefficiency and confusion, and at the same time disrupt reporting that’s connected with data with the wrong contacts, opportunities, and leads.

Another way to maintain clean contact data is to update existing leads. You should ensure that your current database has accurate information, which will make updating the data easier.

How Dirty Data Can Enter your Marketing Automation Tool

Most businesses use marketing automation systems in their B2B marketing campaigns. However, it is easy for dirty data to enter the system, especially if you utilize a web form that allows leads to enter their information.

For instance, a contact submitting a form on the website a month ago, then the same contact visited the website today and completed a form but with a different email address. This will result into a duplicate in the system.

The same contact will have two email addresses, and the system will send two records to the CRM. This will lead to more work for the sales teams, which waste the company’s time and money. With the use of a duplicate prevention app, it will check both the CRM and marketing automation system for duplicates. Instead of a duplicate entry, the app will then merge the record in the CRM and the marketing automation system.

Why Your Clean Data Matters:

  • Avoid Making Marketing Errors – With a clean contact data, you can avoid sending the wrong marketing materials to important contacts.
  • Segmentation – It makes it easier to focus the marketing campaign on the right segment at the right time. For example, you can categorized by industry, by date created, by title and other
  • Prevent Duplicate Sending of Emails – Duplicate records can lead to the sending of multiple emails to the same lead. This is because duplicate entries are not merged. Most tools will not allow for the same email to be emailed at the same time. However, if you are splitting your list or sending different emails you may email the same email address twice without realizing it.
  • Accurate Reporting – You will be able to create accurate reports that are consistent. Your boss will be able to read the reports with ease.
  • Save Time and Money – Bad data can cost the company because you are paying for the same leads a couple of times. That’s why it is important to weed out duplicates in your database.
  • Improve Sales Efficiency – Having your sales person call the same contact twice, makes the company look bad. It also costs your sales rep to make an unnecessary call and than have to manually de-dupe the contacts.

Maintaining a clean contact data is important in B2B marketing. If your database is dirty, then you will be wasting time and effort. If you want your marketing campaign to be a success, then you can start by cleaning your marketing automation database today.

Not sure how to get started on your de-duping or contact database cleaning? Contact StrategicDB a data cleaning company that specializes in B2B data cleaning.

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