Having a clean database can assist your marketing, here are just a few ways you will look like a superhero if you clean your data.

  • Segmentation 

Having complete and accurate data will make it easier to segment your data. You will be able to send the right message to the right person. The better you segment, the better your marketing results will be.

  • Better Reporting

The cleaner your data, the better your reporting will be. Having accurate information will ensure that you are making the right decisions and at the right time. If you have large amount of duplicates you will count the same record twice and therefore make bad predictions.

  • It improves email deliverability rates.

When you send a message to an in active email address you are threatening your companies credibility online. If you are emailing to records that have aged you are also going to have higher bounce rates which would impact your senders score. Finally, having duplicate records could mean that you are emailing a person that has already unsubscribed!

Here’s how you can clean and maintain your database

If you find problems with your data integrity, or if results of your marketing campaign are declining chances are data cleaning is due. Prior to starting your data clean-up here are a few items to address:

  • Understand how your data will be used.

Take the time to understand all usage of the data that is being created and used. It is important to gather all data that is needed for everyone on your team and other departments. For example, a form submitted online becomes a lead for marketing which requires an email address and first name in order to deploy emails. The sales operations team needs to know the company name, region and annual revenue for the company in order to assign the lead to a sales rep. The sales rep needs information on type of company, title and phone number in order to do their job. Now the deal is almost done and the billing department needs the company’s legal address and name in order to send invoicing. Realizing the full usage of data can help normalize and gather the necessary data which will save your company’s time.

  • Be sure to create consistent definitions.

In order for segmentation and reporting to be effective, certain fields should be standardized and normalized. Typically normalized fields include: Contact type, title, company type, state/country, Industry and Annual revenue or number of employees.

  • Who has access to what 

Prior to starting your clean-up you should analyze who has access to what. This will help ensure proper data governance to make sure data stays clean after it is cleaned.

  • The Process

You should analyze how data gets updated and by whom. Could you automate, append and normalize data without having anyone involved? Could you put together data quality reporting in order to identify bad data prior to having a big mess?

Clean up your data on a consistent basis.

Just like you clean your house, for spring cleaning, you should clean your database on a regular basis. Not sure where to begin? Contact StrategicDB for your data cleaning services.

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