The problem of duplicate data may not be high on your plan. But it should be, as the cost of de-duping outweighs the risk of having duplicate leads, contacts and accounts. Here are just a few reasons why:

High Cost

  The cost of creating duplicate data for a single customer is high. You have the high cost of acquiring a customer not once but twice. You also spent time nurturing that person and if you do any data appending the same record.

Wrong Reporting

It is hard to judge the success of your marketing campaigns if you are double counting leads. It is also hard to make decisions based on wrong data.

Brand Image

Sending the same contact the same email is annoying enough. But sending two different deals to the same person because of segmentation can really harm your brand, especially in today’s social media. Dealing with duplicate data will enhance the communication between you and your customer and they won’t see you as unprofessional.

Poor Customer Service

Duplicated data will affect the conversation of between the customer service teams and the customer, especially when trying to solve a problem in the customer’s data. It will not be easy for the customer service team to get the source or the depth of customer’s problem due to duplicated data.

Missed Sales Opportunities

The time wasted on duplicated data will make your sales team focus on finding the correct data, de-duping and apologizing as oppose to selling.

While these are just some issues of having duplicate data, other problems can also impact your profitability and operational efficiency.

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