Among the assets owned by businesses that exist out there in the world, data, intellectual property and knowledgeable employees hold a prominent place. These assets have the ability to generate revenues that the company deserves. However, Salesforce admins are struggling hard in order to maintain the quality of data.

There are few effective tips, which you can follow in order to keep your Salesforce data clean. But before you clean dirty data, you should figure out how they are being created. The Salesforce platform can easily be set up. After you set it up, you can easily start entering data as well. However, data coming from different sources would get entered. Duplicate data, missing data, poor formatting of data and decentralized storage would make your Saleforce instance that much dirtier. In such a situation, data integrity would be lost and you will need to search for an effective method in order to keep the CRM data clean.

Here is a list of best practices, which you can keep in mind in order to prevent your CRM data from becoming unclean.

  • Get to know about your data – If you want the quality of data to be maintained throughout, you need to assign a data steward and maintain the quality of Salesforce data. The steward you appoint would be responsible for maintaining the quality of data. In order to maintain the quality, he would follow a variety of approaches such as running filters, establishing good reporting to monitor your data completeness is a great starting point.
  • Communication with the team– Different people in your company are using your Salesforce differently.  You need to provide a proper training for all of them and make sure that all of them follow quality guidelines when entering data.
  • Check data sources – All the new data sources should be screened properly before you merge them with existing data. Data should be normalized to match the style of your drop-down fields, contacts and leads should be de-duped and data completeness should be taken into account prior to uploading or connecting any new data.
  • Make data complete – Incomplete data is in a position to ruin the integrity of data in your CRM. Therefore, you need to make sure that complete data is always entered into your Salesforce. You can also use third party connectors to append missing data.
  • Salesforce Deduping – Data would be coming into your CRM from various sources and you can easily figure out all sorts of junk data and duplicates to remove them before feeding your CRM. You can do this with dupe blocker which maybe a good solution.
  • Making Data Current – It would be a good idea to keep the data vivid and clean at all times. It would consume a considerable amount of time to ensure data integrity. But if you can review the quality of data at least once in every four months, you can stay away from this hassle. If you already have outdated contacts and leads you should run data validation to make sure that contacts are still valid.
  • Try to enrich data – You can think about adding a periodic end user in order to make sure that your data is enriched at all times and it is being used for appropriate purposes. Not having complete data can lead to extra time spent by your sales reps appending needed data.
  • Conduct Data Cleaning on an on-going basis – Do not wait until you notice inefficiencies in your sales and marketing teams and a decreased ROI before doing your Salesforce Data Cleaning. It should be done on a yearly basis. If you are looking for a Salesforce data cleaning company contact StrategicDB a full service data cleaning company.

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