Since contacts are coming from many sources, without proper de-duping in place you may find that you have many duplicates in your Hubspot. You can do one of two things, merge the contacts yourself or hire a data cleansing company such as StrategicDB to de-dupe it for you. You can easily merge two contacts and retain all necessary information.

Step 1: Identify duplicates

You can identify duplicates by looking for contacts with the same phone number, name, email and so on… If you are doing it yourself, you can export your contacts into excel and use the conditional formatting to identify duplicates. This is the most basic approach as you would want to identify duplicates not just by one field but combining a few fields. For example, Last name and company name is the same or Phone number and title is the same.

Step 2: Establishing a hierarchy Primary and Secondary contact. 

Primary contact is the record that will remain in your Hubspot after you merged your secondary contact into the primary. Typically you want to establish a hierarchy of what makes a contact primary or surviving record. You can use status, data completeness and recency to make those decisions.

Step 3: Manually Merging Contacts

Under Contacts, find the primary contact you want to merge, under action you will see choose Merge. When you locate its duplicate (Secondary contact) you can then click merge button.

Step 4: Salesforce Integration

It is recommended that you de-dupe in Salesforce at the same time, as only one contact can be integrated with one salesforce lead or contact.

If you are looking to de-dupe your Hubspot, you can contact StrategicDB a data cleaning service company that specializes in de-duping.

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