The odds that your CRM is behind schedule or your leads are not being followed up in a timely manner or your sales team may be falling behind is probably high when you take a closer look at your CRM.

Therefore, the earlier you handle this problem, the easier it is to solve as more tasks accumulate, the problem becomes really hard and difficult to deal with and this could affect your available data and equally flaw the confidence of your team.

If you find yourself in such a dilemma, you should leverage the merits of marketing automation which can help transform your fortunes quickly. Below are some marketing automation hacks that you can adopt to get your Hubspot up and running again.

If you have never used Workflows in Hubspot you should. Workflows are a fundamental feature of HubSpot Marketing that gives you the power to automate and scale your marketing interactions.  This tool is quite powerful and it is used to create automated email sequences, nurturing email programs, assign tasks, create deals amongst others. It is a very useful and compulsory tool to get things working smoothly again.

  1. Set Lead Status to “Open” on New Leads

The lead status is used to show how close or far away your sales team is from turning a lead into an opportunity. If utilized appropriately, the lead status field can be one of the most paramount aspects of your CRM. However, by default, this field is left blank and you have the option to set either a “New” or “Open” lead. When someone is actually working on it in sales it should be changed to “working” or another similar status. Allowing all leads to say “New” until something happens lets you not only assign value to each lead but also help you keep your Hubspot organized.

  1. Set Lead Status to “In Progress” Once a Lead is Contacted

If you would very much prefer your team to focus on conversations and taking advantage of opportunities rather than updating a lead field status, then this workflow is just what you need. This workflow will automatically help you change the lead status from blank to either open or new the moment a new activity is recorded or logged in.

  1. Nudge Your Team to Engage Neglected Contacts

Remember those leads and contacts that you somehow forgot about? Just because the communication mysteriously died down doesn’t mean that they couldn’t turn to potential clients’ tomorrow. To automatically set a reminder to notify your team to maintain contact with clients you haven’t been keeping in touch with, simply create a workflow that will automatically assign a task to a set period of inactivity.

  1. Encourage an Update on Stalled Deals

Almost every sales person can relate to that “nearly deal” – the one that somehow eventually never happened. In the event that the deal exceeds its intended close date, you can use this workflow to create a reminder to extend the close date.

  1. Trigger a Notification When a Lead Visits a Key Page

It is critical that your team is actively chasing leads most especially leads that seem promising like when there is an activity on your pricing page or a product page – a situation where a lead may be time sensitive and a decision is crucial at that point in time.

You can create a workflow that automatically sends an email to the Hubspot owner when there is an activity on a vital page on your website.

While the above will not only help with your operational process, it will also help keep your Hubspot current. Keeping current data is one of the 4 C’s of data cleaning. If you are looking to have your Hubspot de-duped, fields normalized or contacts validated, you can contact StrategicDB a Hubspot data cleaning company.

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