Let’s be honest—your lead database is messy and brimming with gaps. If you have never data cleansed your Marketo CRO, chances are leads are duplicated, outdated and not consistent. Regardless if you are doing it yourself or hiring a reputable data cleaning company you should include the following in your data cleaning project:

  • Duplicate Contacts

Advertisers regularly dither to robotize de-duplication (the way toward expelling copy leads) and want to eyeball copies and consolidation records physically because of dread of wiping out the wrong records. In any case, if the manual consolidation process applies a reliable logic–and it should–then that procedure can be computerized. In the event that the union rationale includes numerous self-assertive “informed decisions”, the outcome over a huge database won’t be any superior to mechanizing a reliable rationale. The shear exertion required to perform manual de-duplication regularly brings about the errand failing to be done by any stretch of the imagination

  • Bogus Emails 

Prospects are continuously adding junk emails to your Marketo in order to avoid receiving emails. Making sure you catch some of those emails prior to sending them will ensure a higher deliverability score and  ensure you do not waste your time on bad records.

  • Normalizing Information

Without standardized your field data, it is hard to segment based on geography such as state or country, industry, title and other fields that can be consistent. For example, if you have “New York” or “NY” in your database you should normalize it to be consistent and have only one value. Industry and Title are a bit harder as you have many different choices.

  • Missing Data

Some sources of data have more complete data than others, however missing data can really impact your marketing. While you can make some of your fields mandatory on contact forms, they could deter someone from giving you their email address. So what’s the solution? Appending data based on information you got would ensure that you do not decrease your lead generation efforts and improve your marketing all at once.

  • Outdated Data

When you run your Marketo for a few years your leads will become outdated as people change jobs, get promoted or retired. By keeping track of data created, bounced and using last activity date you can identify outdated records that should be treated differently.

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