There are many reasons why you should de-dupe. From a business perspective, having duplicates in their CRM or Marketing Tools can not only decrease productivity but also annoy perspective leads which can lead to loss of business. Here are some other examples of the high cost of not de-duping:

  • Duplicated leads can lead to different promotions and messages are sent to the same lead.
  • Duplicated data requires more server space increasing associated storage cost. For those CRM’s and Marketing Automation tools which charge by number of rows.
  • Duplicate accounts increases sales inefficiently, not to mention brand image of having two different reps contacting the same account
  • Duplicate records make it hard to analyze data by having the wrong lead and account counts.

Data deduplication is the process of eliminating of duplicates or repeated data.  De-duplication should be done every year, and anytime you are migrating to a new system or doing data cleaning. When you are ready to de-dupe you can go about it in two different ways:

  1. Using Automatic data de-duplication tools: Such as StrategicDB’s de-duping tool which will allow you to automatically identify duplicats based on your own business rules and establish the surviving record again using your own business rules.  OR
  2. Use Data De-duplication Services: which StrategicDB also offers. Service providers go a step further to implement the identified duplicates by merging it inside your CRM and also help establish those business rules to identify duplicates and the surviving record.

You may choose to normalize and standardize data prior to de-duping, especially if those fields will be used to either identify the surviving record or if the records are duplicates. While looking for duplicates, you may have uncovered a lot of accounts or contacts that are missing information in which case you may want to append data prior to de-duping in order to increase your chances of uncovering all the duplicates.

Finally, you may wish to validate data for certain key fields such as: revenue information or # of employees, address, phone# and email in order to increase your marketing and sales performance.

If you are looking for data de-duplication services or data de-duplciation tools. StrategicDB can help! Contact us at to start de-duping today!