Data quality is essential to the success of the business. If the information you hold is wrong or inaccurate the potential performance can be compromised.

Data cleansing is an important but sometimes forgotten part of data integrity. It is a sufficient way to improve data quality, not to spend money on sources of data with poor data quality and help maintain a good image of your company.

However, it’s crucial to understand how to clean the data correctly and avoid spending even more time and money on useless activities that don’t bring the desired outcome.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind, when doing your data cleansing:

DO, clean the data on a regular basis as data gets added the your CRM on the daily basis, it is important to keep track of your data quality. By the time your sales or marketing teams notice a decrease in efficiency due to bad data you are too late! Therefore, clean your data on a yearly basis to avoid a negative impact on your business.

DON’T De-dupe without utilizing internal business rules. Internal business rules should be set up prior to any de-duping to ensure that no data that is needed is lost. You also need to establish rules on how to identify duplicates based on your own unique set-up of your Marketing Automation Tool or CRM. You can still use data de-duping tools such as StrategicDB’s data de-duping tool.

DO,  implement data governance. It is important to establish a defined routine to ensure quality control of your data. It will help to maintain, manage, monitor and protect your data.

DON’T Do it once and forget about it. As new data gets added to your system and any additions or changes may jeopardizes your CRM. That’s why it is important to clean the data regularly to maintain your records in a good standing for better business performance.

DO, keep Back-ups. Keep track of any changes you implement. Also make sure to back up prior to de-duping. Therefore, if there are any mistakes that have occurred during your de-duping, data normalizing and data appending you can always revert back to your original data.

DON’T de-dupe without verifying with team. Some records even if they are duplicates should remain in the system. For example, if you are merging two accounts that are in the same address and have similar names you may wish to merge them however, the sales rep may have created a duplicate to indicate two different departments.

 DON’T lock down the system to avoid bad data by hurting your sales and marketing in the process. Some admins choose to lock down their system by not allowing any of their sales team or marketing team to enter new data into the system without having them approve it first. While, it does improve data quality it may hurt sales as there could be a time delay in system’s update and lack of current data in the system.

DO, hire professionals. It will save your time and help avoid crucial mistakes in data cleaning. By cleaning data yourself you will waste company resources on automated practices. If you are looking for a data cleansing company, StrategicDB can help!