There are many data cleansing companies in the marketplace. They range from self-serve automatic data de-duplication software to a full comprehensive data cleaning services companies that tailer to the specific needs of the business. So how do you pick the right data cleansing company for you?

Do they offer the services that you need? 

Many Data cleansing companies will offer partial data cleaning services. For example, some may offer data de-duplication only or data validation. Some focus on B2B while others on B2C. Some data cleansing companies may provide all services that you need as they partner with different third parties. For example, StrategicDB a full service data cleansing company does not host data on-sight but rather they work with data appending and data acquisition companies that are a perfect fit for their clients.

Are the Data Cleansing Tools customizable? 

Some tools are easy to use and are great for simple data cleaning projects, however, if you require customization you may want to make sure it will fit your scenarios. For example, when de-duping your contacts you may wish to establish duplicates by having only one business location per country. Therefore, the de-duping tool that you use should allow you to identify duplicates based on company name or website and not the standard address and company name criteria that a lot of de-duping tools use as default to identifying duplicates.

Does the data cleansing company have consulting services and can help with data cleansing plan? 

Your sales team is complaining about data quality in your Salesforce, e-mail marketing manager is not sure what is the exact number of emails sent due to possible duplicates and your VP of Analytics is spending more hours than needed to come up with a simple funnel analysis. We have all been there, data integrity is missing! But where do you start? What data cleaning services does your company need? What is the plan after you have cleaned your data and how do you instil faith in a system which has failed your company? The answer is, having a good data cleansing plan and a partner for your data cleaning initiatives. StrategicDB’s approach is to do a free data audit to establish the current state of data, and come up with a data cleaning up plan. After all the work is done to clean your system, a report of the updated snapshot of your CRM is presented which helps explain to your team what was done.

Data Security, Storage and Integrity

Finally, probably the most important question to ask when considering data cleansing companies is their level of quality, data security and their ethics. Does the data get outsourced? If doing data appending or any other data enhancements, what are the sources of that data?  Is the data normalized to fit your CRM field rules. Does the company have an issue signing your NDA? Those are all questions that should be asked at the beginning of the engagement with the data cleaning provider.

If you are in the marketplace for a data cleansing services, StrategicDB is a full service data cleansing provider. We have our own customizable de-duping tool, we can handle any data standardization/normalization projects and we work with reputable third party providers for any data appending, data enhancement and data validation needs for a complete data cleaning services.