Data cleansing services can mean many things, from data deduping, address verification to setting up data governance to not have to clean your data in the future. Here is a list of all the different data cleansing services that you may want to consider when cleaning your CRM or Marketing Automation.

Data Deduping: Data deduping includes identifying duplicate records in your system. They can be identified using fields such as email, address, name, website and phone #, to name a few. Typically if duplicate rate is higher than 5% of your database it is a good indication that you have a flaw in your system’s design to handle duplicates. It is also an indication that you need to de-dupe your system.

Data Validation: Data validation includes verifying that the data you have in your system is correct. Services can include email validation which typically checks if email can be delivered, address verification using USPS services and other field validation using third party sources.

Data Enhancement or Appending: If you have a lot of missing data that is critical for your business, you can use third party databases to append that data. For example, if you need revenue # or # of employees in your CRM in order to determine if the account is enterprise level you can fill it in using other systems.

Bogus Data: Bogus data should be deleted. It is also a good idea to identify where this bad data came from.

Data Normalization: Finally, you may need to standardize your data so that it is easier to segment, analyze and use for your territory planning. Data normalization or standardization, involves identification of all similar values and putting them in a unified way. For example: “Vice President of Marketing”, “VP of Marketing” and “Marketing VP” all become standardized as “Marketing Vice President”.

Updating, cleaning and de-duping data should be done on an ongoing basis so as to not disrupt every day business. If you need data cleansing services, StrategicDB can help!