You have established a need to clean data. Maybe your leads have many duplicates? Your accounts have missing data and your bounce rate of your emails is too high. So how do you go about cleaning your data?

How to Clean Data (Lead/Contact Records): 

  1. Analyze where bad data is coming from. Is it one source that is driving all your bounces? Is your data not standardized because sales reps are inputting data incorrectly and a specific field should be a drop down.
  2. Establish a plan for data cleaning. Is the issue duplicates? Is the issue data completeness? Invalid Data?

Once you have analyze your data and have a plan for your data cleaning, the next step is to start to clean your data:

  • De-duping your leads/contacts. First you need to de-dupe your leads and contacts so only one record remains.
  • Identify fields with incomplete data and enhance your system by appending the missing data.
  • Validate emails, phone # and addresses. This is especially true if you are planning a direct mail campaign, you do email marketing on a regular basis or if sales needs a viable phone # to improve their efficiency.
  • Normalize/Standardize fields. Is your country fields are spelled in different ways? Or maybe you want to deploy emails based on title but have no way of identifying what type of job role or function it is.
  • Bogus/Junk and Outdated Data. Some data can be sitting in CRMs which is a few years old and no longer applicable. There is also test records and bogus records that over the years have amounted to a few hundred records that should be deleted from the system.

How to Clean Data (Account/Company Records): 

  1. Analyze your data. Are the companies in your CRM or Salesforce are the ones you need in order to close the year with amazing sales results? Do you have the right Parent/Child structure? Do you have territory planning issues because data is missing?
  2. Establish a plan for data cleaning. Do you need to set-up parent/child relationships? Do you have a lot of duplicates in your CRM? Do you need to append data? Change your territory plan?

The plan to clean your data is the same as for leads with the exception of the following:

  • Parent/Child Relationship – When selling into big companies you may need to establish parent and child relationships between your accounts in order to make sure you optimize your sales. Prior to cleaning your internal records you should establish a way to establish parent and children accounts based on internal business rules.
  • Account Owners – Account ownership typically depends on business rules that could be based on industry, geography, company size and other custom fields. As companies increase in size or have changing employees a lot of the accounts remain part of old sales reps that are no longer there. What this does is not only does it create ideal accounts that maybe acquired again by the new rep in the same territory but also can make records be no longer valid. Therefore, cleaning of historical account owners should be done right away, followed by de-duping and company validation.

This is just some of ways to clean data, if you are looking to clean your data please contact StrategicDB for a free data audit to get started with your own data cleaning.