Bad data is the nuisance of any marketing business. Dirty data leads to inaccurate business intelligence, wrong CRM segmentation and it is mighty enough to ruin any marketing campaign. It can also harm your sales efforts, especially if two different reps are trying to sell into the same company without realizing that the system contains a duplicate.

Bad data comes from multiple sources include:

  1. Wrong data entry by sales reps including typos, missing letters, empty fields, lack of naming patterns and entering data in wrong fields.
  2. Form Submits containing bogus data and typos can also impact data quality.
  3. Third party purchased lists, which may not be of high quality and have fields that are not standardize to your efforts.
  4. Data Migration – where fields are not mapped properly.
  5. Data integration between Marketing Automation Tool such as Marketo or Eloqua and CRM tool such as Salesforce could have data integrity issues due to mapping and field types. For example, a pick list in Salesforce and compared to a text field in Marketo would create a lack of data standardization in Salesforce.

In order to combat bad data, you must first analyze the sources of bad data as listed above. The second step is to establish processes to ensure that data is cleaned on an on-going basis for example:

  • Standardize fields as they come into your Marketing Automation or Salesforce.
  • Lock down forms to have pick-lists as oppose to text fields
  • Make certain fields mandatory for sales reps when they are inputting data, so they are not allowed to miss any data fields.
  • Establish data governance processes to ensure that your team understands the importance of data.

Now that you have analyzed the sources of bad data and have implemented data governance rules, it is time to clean historical data. For Historical data clean-up which can include:

  • Record Deduplication
  • Field standardization
  • Data Enchanment and Data Appending
  • Data Validation
  • Parent/child relationship establishment
  • Removal of Bogus records

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