Doing analysis when you have duplicates can be very difficult. For example, you may three records of the same customer, product names are repeated but similar descriptions and countries can be slightly different. If you have it in your excel, you can easily de-dupe it. One way to do so is by clicking on:

  • Data Tab
  • Followed by Remove Duplicate

This will remove identical rows of data. If you select only one column to de-dupe on, keep in mind the surviving (master) record will be the one that is found first. So you may want to sort your data in a way that will automatically pick the row that you want.

However, it may not be this ease to de-dupe. If you have special rules to identify unique duplicates and to establish master/merge, it may take longer to do it manually in excel. It can also be too large of a file to be able to deduplicate in excel. If you are looking to de-dupe based on certain rules to establish duplicates or to establish master or merge, you can use a deduplication tool.