One of the biggest data challenges for B2B Marketing and Sales is establishing a hierarchy for global enterprise companies. For companies that own and operate multiple companies with thousands of branches across the globe, it can be difficult to de-dupe those accounts and to establish true owner of this account. What is worst is that you could have multiple sales reps calling the same account without even realizing it. The good news, is that if you are using Salesforce, you already have a system’s So how do you establish a hierarchy and identify all records that are associated with the parent account?

Well first, you have to establish a parent/child relationship strategy. You may choose to have a unique company per each country or you may choose to include all subsidiaries or even all branches. The best way to establish the hierarchy is to use data from Dun & Bradstreet, using DUNS #s. They can provide the DUNS # for the Global Headquarter (Ultimate Parent Account), followed by Domestic Headquarters and Branches, as well as single locations for companies operated independently but maybe owned by a bigger company. If you are using Salesforce for your CRM, you can use to fill in your DUNS #s for your Ultimate DUNS # and Branch Duns #s. This is the only way to have a proper hierarchy established.

The next step is to build out accounts when Global DUNS # is not available in your CRM, by acquiring those accounts. In some instances you may have accounts already created in the system that have the same DUNS #, while some maybe duplicates, others are actually there for a reason. Depending what you are selling you maybe selling into multiple departments at the same location. Not all companies have centralized buying centre and therefore sales reps may duplicate a record and change the account name to include a department name. In those instances you may still establish a parent child hierarchy. You can use DUNS # to identify those instances and either de-dupe in a case of a true duplicate or establish the proper parent/child hierarchy. Another way is to use website to identify any accounts that were not matched and do not have a DUNS # due to a poor match rates. In order to increase match rates you may want to add or validate addresses, phone # or website information on accounts.

If you are looking to establish Parent/Child hierarchies and need some help implementing a strategy or updating records in your Salesforce, StrategicDB can help!