No matter how you implemented Marketo, you may find over time that your Marketo instance has some bad data. Regardless of how good your Marketo admins are, bad data will be a part of your every day life. You may find that you have duplicate contacts, bogus or junk records, incomplete data and not standardized data. A few questions to ask to see if you are due for a data cleaning:

  • Do you spend more and more time selecting different variations of the same thing? For example: Do you input “United States” OR “US” or “U.S.A” into your smart list?
  • Did you notice unsubscribed or bounce rates going up?
  • Is your sales team complaining about duplicates records?
  • Do you input any activity based filters to your list? If the list is consistent you may need to clean your data.
  • Do you find that you are lacking the ability to segment your list the way you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may need to look into doing data cleaning. So what data cleaning can you do and how much effort or cost would it take?

Solution to Not Standardized Data: Standardize fields by cleaning historical values, change field to a drop box on all your forms and build a program that will automatically categorize similar words into one normalized fields. This is a relatively small time commitment and cost, however, if you are trying to categorize fields that have a lot of variations such as title and you have tens of thousands of records it is a larger project that can take weeks to normalize.

Email Verification also known as email Validation: if your bounce rate or unsubscribe rates are going up, you may want to validate your emails prior to deploying any more emails. The cost depends on the provider that you use it can range from $0.50 per thousand to $0.50 per record. Turn around time is typically within a few days.

De-duping: De-duping is a larger initiatives as you need to identify business rules for your surviving record. Cost would depend on if you are going to de-dupe in-house or hire a third party company. StrategicDB offer both a deduping tool for do it yourself marketo administrators as well as full services. It can take up to three week to dedupe your marketo instance.

Putting contacts into nurture state: Establishing time limits on your email marketing strategy will help you segment and have better analytics. An easy way to do so is changing the contact status based on their activity and days since last activity or create date. This is generally a quick fix, however, you may need some analysis done prior to actually implementation in Marketo.

Data Appending: If you want to segment based on industry but 60% of your contacts are missing industry field you may require to do some data appending. You can append using third party databases. The cost varies from $1 per record appended to $5 per record appending depending on the source. It can also take up to 3 weeks to get the data back from providers. Keep in mind, you will never have 100% data completeness.

If you are looking for Marketo data cleaning services, StrategicDB can help!  Contact us for a free data audit.