Any company success can only happen with clean data. 

Cleansed and therefore accurate data is vital to guarantee reliability, success and ongoing ROI. Data validation or data verification, is an essential form of data cleansing. It is the way of checking and confirming that your data is accurate, precise, updated, useful and therefore truly clean data.

Validated and Cleansed data ensures data usefulness. Here are a few examples:  

  • Let’s say you neglected to validate phone records then there is a huge chance that  the sales team would dial wrong numbers wasting time, money, ruining your company image and losing potential clients that would not be reached. How to solve it? Validate your phone numbers. Calling Businesses? Add phone type to distinguish between Head-Office’s general phone number, direct phone number and cell #. 
  • In case of Email, cleaner data helps prevent Email bounces, improve the Email deliverability and ensures that the right email goes to the right recipients. This ensures that the delivery score would go up leading to potential clients acquisition. This is even more important than most marketers realize, because with bad deliverability score your ESP will slow down your future email campaigns and could also blacklist you the ultimate death to email marketing (at least for the short term). 
  • Cleansed and verified data helps improve customer segmentation increasing the chances of reaching the right target market increasing the chances of marketing campaign success. There could be nothing worst than sending a marketing campaign with not for profit pricing to a for profit corporation. Therefore, key segmentation fields should be verified either using third party data or having data governance rules.
  • Needless to say that validated and clean data leads to more accurate post analysis, correct business insights and productive decision making.
  • Validated, cleaned up data can correct territory planning and increase the campaign effectiveness. This is especially true if you are distributing leads and accounts based on physical location of the company. Therefore, you may need to make sure that the location listed is of the head-quarters or if you are selling to different offices within the same company parent-child relationships are established.

Every cloud has a silver lightning. Data cleanup and data validation is no exception. There are a few cons to data validating: 

  • Time & Effort:  to clean and validate your data. It may take you weeks if not months to validate/verify every field and record. 
  • Expertise: You may not have all the necessary knowledge of where to find data for you to verify. Or you may not know how to segment your data for validation if you lack time and effort to do it all in-house. 
  • Cost: It can be costly and be priced up to $5 per record to validate information. Also it might cost more to do it yourself if you lack the experience and tools.

Very often data validation is the third step in data cleansing process. If your data contains lots of duplicates, missing  records then your first step in data clean up should be deduped followed by data appending for missing data. Lastly, you may wish to verify data for certain records or in certain cases verify all records for certain fields. 

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