Most of us judge a website by its aesthetics. We may like the color and we may hate the font. There may also be something off about the design that cannot quite be articulated into words. However, the worst thing about a poorly designed website is when it does not function.

The truth is that a website is so much more than just design and code, it needs to be found and it needs to either sell or generate leads. So, what can you do to make the website the best asset your company has?

  • Hire a good web designer and developer. A good developer will not only make your website appealing but will also ensure that you are using the latest optimization techniques. You will save you time and money on learning of what works and what does not.
  • Conduct SEO for On-Page Optimization. It includes performing keyword research, optimizing each page and coming up with content calendar. Keep in mind that it may take a few months before you see any impact from your SEO.
  • Run Digital Marketing Ads to drive traffic to the website. Google search ads, display ads or social media ads such as Facebook ads are all parts of digital marketing advertisement. Running ads is the fastest way to drive traffic to the website and trigger conversions.
  • Analyze your website performance to identify areas of improvement. Traffic, traffic flow, page load time and conversion rates are the key website performance indicators. They will show you how people interact with the website and help improve website performance. It is also very important to constantly monitor what sources drive traffic and conversions.

It is a mistake to think that once sales and leads start coming to the website that your mission is accomplished. It is just the beginning. It is time to continue monitoring the website and constantly improve and iterate. The latter will be based on the analysis of the collected data. The data analysis on users’ behavior and the sources that work will help improve and optimize your digital marketing strategy.