Along with intentionally provided bogus/fake data marketers have to deal with an incomplete data. It is another serious data issue that requires data cleansing. The incomplete data means that the record might be null, or a part of it might be missing or misleading. The incomplete data set might be a result of:

  • Human input errors including misspelled record, omitted name, region, title etc;
  • Truncated record when the field is limited to 10 characters and the value contains 13 characters;
  • Cryptic values e.g. City – Italy;
  • Transpositions e.g. “T. Ford” – “Ford T.”;
  • Duplicates e.g. sales rep – “I. Carlson” – “Irina Carlson”;
  • Contradictions e.g. sales rep – “Irina Carlson” – “Irena Carlson”;
  • Wrongly appended data set, when during appending process only 50 fields have been appended and 1 field has been lost;
  • Outdated data has been input.  

The negative impact of incomplete data is huge. Your thought through marketing strategies, thoroughly planned campaigns, and smart executions may bring negative or poor ROI. Whether you empower your marketing campaigns with clean data or dirty data can be costly not only for your budget and growth opportunity but make an irreparable damage to your company reputation. Missing growth projections, models and overall wrong business insights and decisions are inevitable outcomes coming from bogus and incomplete data. For B2B businesses, incomplete data also means more work for inside sales teams or sales operations. 

Data cleansing can help resolve the issue by detecting records with missing data. Your first step is to identify records with missing data, followed by appending the data using either internal sources in case of duplicate records, using dynamic forms to collect the missing data or using third party databases. To keep your business prosperous it is critical not only to cleanse the data but maintain data purity on a regular basis.

A. de Saint-Exupery wrote: “‘It’s a question of discipline,’ the little prince told me later on. ‘when you’ve finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend your planet… It’s very tedious work, but very easy.” The same relates to your data. So don’t delay and “tend” to your data.

If you are looking to either append data or conduct data cleaning, look no further. StrategicDB works with multiple third party data providers to complete your data as well as help data clean and establish data governance processes.