Quality clean data is vital for any organization and human resource department is no exclusion. Clean data helps maintain accurate records, ensure correct reporting, provide true analysis, lead to correct insights and, therefore, improve performance. However, it is impossible to avoid ‘garbage’ in your data. Very often, human input errors, systems migrations, data updating and other data collection procedures create data discrepancies and inaccuracy. Incorrect data deteriorates company’s performance and can even ruin its reputation. That’s why successful companies perform data cleaning on a regular basis. They know that investment in data cleaning has an undeniable, positive return.

HR is the place where each company starts. It deals with recruiting and retaining of good talent for the company and every organisation success depends on its employees. Needless to mention that clean data is essential for every HR department. The following are some key data cleansing features that can be of real help for HR.

Let’s start with deduping, the fist step of data cleaning, a process of defining the duplicated records. During deduplicating procedure it can be revealed that the same person submitted the resume multiple times. It may mean that this applicant is truly interested in the company and deserve a detailed approach from HR representative. Closer consideration may lead to hiring of the right person for the vacant position.

Another critical step of data cleaning is appending of missing data. Imagine that your records are missing address, phone number, or education. It can create obstacles for reporting, survey analysis and other hr duties. 

Data cleaning also includes the process of data standardization. It is the process when the same data collected in different formats is converted to a one applicable format. In HR practices it can help group employees by age range, title, department, and so on. 

Data normalization can help improve HR statistical analysis. Analysis based on normalized clean data is priceless. It reveals accurate trends and insights. Rightly presented takeaways can help compile refined HR surveys and reach the set up goals saving time and money.

Data clean up is a critical part of maintaining quality data. It requires knowledge and experience to be performed properly. Therefore, if you need to clean your HR Data, StrategicDB can help.