The trade show was a success story ending up with the list of the leads. Another similar list has been obtained through sales rep who is starting at your company and wants to add the list to your CRM. Or perhaps you purchased a third party list. Once your list is in the CRM the next step is an email marketing campaign. However, after you uploaded the list you often realize the list is missing data, is not standardized and in a few months you find out that there are duplicates. But all this could have been eliminated if you would have done data cleaning prior to uploading your list. 

The lists require proper data cleaning prior to uploading the list to your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool. No company can afford the following situations to wreck its good reputation by neglecting their lists’ thorough data clean up. Imagine:

  1. There are duplicated records and four identical emails are sent to the same lead. In the end, there is lost time, lost money and the worst – irritated person that will not be converted.
  2. Email address is incomplete, misspelled or has missing characters. The result is a bounced email.
  3. Email address is fake. The outcome is a bounced email.
  4. The same company name is written differently 5 times, and therefore 5 accounts are created for the same company and has five different sales reps chasing the same account.
  5. Unstandardized fields has made it impossible to segment your email.
  6. Missing Data makes it impossible to segment your email and do territory planning.

The overall result of such a campaign is a lost game from every point of view: the response rate is low, the bounce rate is high, low or zero incremental customers and incremental revenue, negative ROI, lost efforts; lost opportunities, lost time and money and ruined company image. And that’s not all. The campaign analysis based on not cleaned data generates wrong insights and trends. It can lead to completely inaccurate future marketing strategy where errors would be multiplied having an effect of a snowball. The outcome of such a practice looks very gloomy.

The crisis can be averted by cleaning the list prior to the CRM upload. Data cleaning process includes deduping of records, records normalization, data validation, verifies and fills in incomplete, bogus data, appends missing data to name a few major steps.

Data cleaning procedures will help cleanse the lists and avoid troublesome scenarios mentioned above. Regular data cleaning of the lists prior to CRM upload allows improve ROI, ensure positive response rate, refine marketing strategies and drive incremental sales, save time and money. 

If you need help with data cleaning, feel free to contact StrategicDB a data cleansing firm.