Data is one of the core and most important part of any company. Marketing, finance, business operations are all based on data. It helps build up strategies and evaluate results. Data analysis reveals failures, successes and drives business decisions. Accurate, complete, updated records define clean quality data that business can rely on. Quality data is vital in maintaining company good performance, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Data is a live structure that requires close monitoring, timely updating and regular clean up. What are the main aspects and simple changes that can help maintain data quality and data cleanliness?

Email verification

Today,  Email is a prime form of communication. Thanks to technology, Email creating is quick and free of charge. It can be done via Gmail, Yahoo and other providers. Free Email addresses help improve communication and it is also a way to create bogus data. Trade show lists, web forms, sales reps phone calls, etc are all prone to have incomplete, fake, misspelled Email addresses. One of the aspects of quality clean data is Email verification. Verified Email means that an existing true client receives a message that creates marketing opportunity and possible sale. Usually customers get Emails on a regular basis that creates a loyalty ink between a customer and the business triggering business prosperity and stability.

Fields standardization

Having normalized data is one of the key elements of clean data. If data fields aren’t consistent there is a possibility that high priority potential customer or prospect may be ignored. It will lead to a lost opportunity and lost business. Standardized, thus clean data, in your fields is essential for data analysis prior to the marketing campaign. Lack of data consistency across organization may create lots of discrepancies and in worse case scenario drive wrong takeaways. Marketing campaign based on inconsistency results in complete failure.

Fields changes monitoring

People and businesses are constantly on the move. Our life is changing fast, so  is the data. Databases are being migrated and optimized due to system changes, reorganizations, new software deployment, etc. To keep the data clean it is vital to monitor and discuss the changes prior to their implementation. It may be a challenge but timely monitoring ensures that correct targets are selected, right marketing strategy is chosen and analysis is accurate. If you are using Salesforce you can even monitor when a value changes inside a certain field to measure data quality by source, sales rep and so on. 

Mandatory Fields fill-in

There are some fields that are key for the marketing and sales campaigns. Email address, first/last name, job titles are just some examples. If the mandatory fields are missing they need to be filled up. Quality clean data does not tolerate missed data.

Deduping records

It is well known that duplicated records are impossible to avoid. They are the result of data collection/entry and then data growing. Quality, clean data means that it is free of duplicates. Deduping is a part of data cleansing service and should be performed prior to list uploading to CRM. Imagine a situation when your valued customer gets multiple copies of the same Email. This is a lost case. Your company spends more on Email, your brand image is ruined and customer unsubscribes from your Email list since your company loses its appeal. Deduped and thus clean data leads to marketing campaign efficiency and ensures a positive response rate and ROI.

All aspects mentioned above are like quality control check marks. Following these changes may allow your company to avoid mistakes and maintain quality clean data. And quality clean data is the cornerstone for effective marketing initiatives, good company reputation and financial prosperity. 

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