In today’s machine learning and data science world, it has never been easier to identify duplicates in your Salesforce, CRM or Marketing Automation Tool. However, despite the automation process of it, finding true duplicates has never been more time consuming. The reason is that each company’s data is slightly different, business rules differ greatly, implementation of a Salesforce or a different CRM can vary greatly even inside the same industry.

On top of that many deduping tools or deduping frameworks use fuzzy logic matching which would catch more duplicates than needed is dangerous as it will match based on similarity in company names. For example, a company with the name Business Inc. and Business Corp. may be flagged as the same business, despite being different business types. For more sophisticated tools you may be able to overcome the Inc. vs. Corp. issue but may still fall into the trap if the names are the same but the company is in different geographic locations or worst have two different websites and even being in different industries.

So how do you go about identifying true duplicates in your CRM? You can try using a sophisticated tool such as StrategicDB’s De-duping tool which allows you to select your own business rules for identification of duplicates and selecting which record is master. You can also select up to 10 different ways to establish a duplicate. However, if you were to try to do it yourself here are some common ways to identifying duplicates:

  • Contact Information Is the Same – address, email, phone# and/or fax #.
  • Identification of Company Is the Same – Duns #, website and other company information is the same.
  • Name has to be identical or similar with at least another field matching.

It is important to establish the rules for your duplication prior to starting out. For example, some consider a duplicate company ONLY if the company is located in the same country, others consider it a duplicate only if the company is located at the same address. Some de-dupe on a household level others on individual person’s level. Another thing to keep in mind, that you may want to establish parent/child relationship for accounts with the same website as oppose as treating them as duplicates. Regardless of your rules, as long as you are clear in what is considered a duplicate and how to establish a master or surviving record you should have no problems with your de-duping.

If you are looking for deduplication tool or services, StrategicDB can help.