Having duplicates in your organization is never ideal, it makes your analytics wrong, wastes your sales time and makes your marketing department look bad. However, what if there were cases where duplicates were a necessity! Here are 6 real life examples, that companies have to deal when de-duping:

  • Same Location, Same Company but Different Department – Some business sell into multiple departments inside the same company usually enterprise level. Not all companies have centralized purchasing and do require different invoices for each department that is responsible for the purchase of your product or service. Therefore, if you de-dupe based on company name and location without considering the department name you would be making life difficult for your customer,  accounting and sales teams.
  • Same household, different person – When doing direct mail campaigns for B2C it is common practice to de-dupe based on household address. While, in theory this will save time after all who would want to receive the same catalogue twice. But consider that there are multiple customers who reside in the same household who may prefer different types of products. Also, consider the segmentation and other analysis that will skew your results if you pick only one person in that household.
  • Same person, different emails – it is not unheard of for people to use both their private email address (gmail, yahoo, etc..) and their current corporate address when signing up for newsletters, webinars, and using contact forms. While it is the same person that you may wish to de-dupe and keep only corporate address, consider the implication when the same person goes to a different company. You now lose all history of his or her’s training, newsletter preferences and so on.
  • Same Name and Company Different person – While very uncommon, it does happen with people of the same name who work in the same company with the same name, for example John Smith or father and son! Therefore, if you de-dupe based on name only you may de-dupe two completely different individuals.
  • Different Company but Same Name – Depending on how clean your records are you may have the same company name such as “ABC Trucking”, while the address maybe different or website you may still consider de-duping based on the name alone. This would be a mistake as one company can be ABC Trucking Corporation and the other ABC Trucking Partners.
  • Same Phone Number – For B2B Sales reps, it is not uncommon to be provided a phone number of the head office and not the individual. Therefore, if you de-dupe based on phone number you will de-dupe three different people in the company who have provided their corporate phone number.

While these are just some of the example, your business may have different business rules for having certain duplicates in your CRM. Therefore, you may want to use a de-duping tool based on your own business rules.