There are many data cleansing companies in the marketplace, so how do you choose the one that is right for you? Here is a quick guide to help you navigate to the right data cleansing company.

Data Appending/Validating: Data appending is typically done by acquiring the missing data from third party data providers. The providers differ between B2B and B2C. For B2C the main players include Experian and Melissa data and they can append data such as addresses, phone number and household demographics. If you are looking to append or validate your emails TowerData is one of the leaders in that space for B2C emails. For B2B, there are multiple providers such as ZoomInfo, Oceanos Inc., and Hoovers/D&B, typically the information that you can append include company data such as industry, annual revenue, contacts and their titles, addresses and phone numbers. D&B/Hoovers can also help establish the important Parent/Child relationship for enterprise level companies and they also have international data company.

Match Rates – Keep in mind that most companies will only match 50-70% of your data, therefore, you may want to work with multiple data providers to increase your data completeness. An alternative, is to work with StrategicDB which works with multiple data providers on top of doing manual data append to increase your match rates. Data Validating:

De-Duping: Some companies focus on de-duping for Salesforce such as: Dupecatcher or Demandtools, therefore, if you are trying to de-dupe on other systems or when migrating it will be not helpful. The same companies that do data appending can help with de-duping, however, they will only de-dupe data that matches their database and therefore, you would be missing a lot of duplicates. Other providers such as and Ringlead can be pricey and only work in excel/csv and charge to consult you on your data problems. Most will also require you to establish the master record. StrategicDB however, helps de-dupe based on your business rules including establishing the master (surviving) record and can help you de-dupe in any CRM.

Data Normalization: There are a few data providers that can help you normalize/standardize your data most of them focus on address and phone number. However, what if you wanted to standardize your industry based on YOUR classifications? What about if you wanted to classify titles in a different way? Or what if you had a completely different data field that needed standardization/normalization? You have two choices in the market-space. First is to hire an intern or a freelancing company that will manually manipulate your data. The second choice, is to hire a data cleansing company such as StrategicDB to normalize your data using a mixture of automation and manual work.

When choosing the right data cleansing provider you should evaluate the providers based on quality, turn around time and price.