Migrating to a new CRM is a great time to review your advertiser and leads data. While busy managing your day to day, it is easy to add incomplete information, forget about maintaining records for years ago and create duplicates. However, migrating to ad sales genius (ASG) is a great opportunity to get your data in shape. Here are the steps to take prior to uploading or integrating your old data:

  1. Download historical data: you may have been keeping data in multiple places such as billing in one system, your leads in another and customer list in another. Now with Ad Sales Genius you may want to keep it in one place. Therefore, your first step is to download all data from all sources/
  2. Data Audit: once you have the data downloaded and available for review, do a quick audit to see:
    • How many records are incomplete?
    • How many records are outdated? If they are a lead that has not been touched in 5 years, they may no longer be at that company.
    • Duplicate records – this maybe even more critical if you are merging data from multiple sources.
    • Formatting Data – Prior to uploading your advertisers or leads, you much follow the Ad Sales Genius file format. For example, countries should be in ISO 2 digit or 3 digit formats.
  3. De-dupe: Next step is to de-dupe your data so you are not uploading the same record twice. You can use de-duping tools or services to establish duplicates and surviving/master record. Alternatively, if you do not have a lot of records, you may choose to use excel’s conditional formatting to identify duplicate records using fields such as website, email, phone and/or address.
  4. Establishing which records to bring over: You may wish to bring over only the latest data or complete records. Regardless of what records you choose to bring over make sure you review your data prior to uploading it.
  5. Verifying, validating and appending missing data: For the records that will be coming to your new Ad Sales Genius account, make sure data is verifying, validating and any missing data is filled in. This will ensure the biggest return on your data cleansing initiative.
  6. Formatting: Finally, when you have a list ready to go make sure it matches Ad Sales Genius’s record format. Things to watch out for include: Country Field, Date Fields, Social Media URLs, Sales Rep and Notes. You may also wish to standardize fields that are currently not usable. For example, if industry field was a text format and you want it as a drop down now is the time to update your list.
  7. Testing: Now that your list is ready to go, upload a few records to see if the formatting is correct, if you missing any fields and if it is being added as you expected.

If you are migrating to Ad Sales Genius and would like to get your data cleansed and prepared for migration, StrategicDB can help!