At a time where customers can communicate via several channels, the quality of the contact data a business holds is heavily important. Although some organizations are beginning a digital transformation journey (deploying processes online), there is still a reliance on offline activities such as call centers to deliver a superior customer service.

More than three quarters of customers say they would leave a company if they received poor customer service (source: With this in mind, it is highly important to ensure customer details are correctly verified during servicing or point of sale, stopping them opting for the raft of emerging competition.

A key component of data cleansing is phone verification. This is the process of verifying that a phone number provided is valid, reachable and accessible by the user. As well as data quality, the phone verification process adds an extra layer of security to front end systems and technology.

Here are some key reasons as to why phone verification is important to your business:

  1. Call Center cost

Gartner has estimated that the average cost for a password related service desk enquiry is $10. Phone verification at the start of and during a retail process would negate the need for any such service and could add up to a substantial cost saving.

As well as this, in the US, outbound call center pricing ranges from $25 per hour to $35 per hour depending on the size of the program. If you provide a third party with unverified or incorrect numbers, it is a huge unnecessary cost to the business.

  1. Secure access

Phone verification is a great way of securing mobile Apps for your customers. As an end-user enters their phone number at registration for instance, you can validate who they are before they even enter your database by connecting through their mobile device. Once you have a verified mobile number, that is a secure way of speaking to that customer throughout their lifecycle.

  1. Customer experience

In a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 58% of respondents said that user convenience was the most important factor to fraud prevention strategies. A phone verification process simplifies everything for the customer as a secure one-click method and ensures an effective and easy experience.

  1. Fraud checker

Fake users are a significant problem to businesses. In the context of email, they can cause you to be blacklisted and blocked from sending out campaigns completely. Phone verification technology can help you detect spam numbers or fake accounts during a registration or checkout stage and avoid fraud altogether without having costly processes to combat it in the future.

  1. Clean data

Put simply, verified phone numbers equals clean data. Having “dirty data” can be costly to a business. According to recent estimates, incomplete or outdated data costs US companies anywhere from $2.5 to $3.1 trillion each year (Nov 2018). By verifying phone numbers, companies can go some way to ensuring this does not happen.

  1. Technology at our fingertips

Recent surveys have said that 64% of people regard their mobile phone as a key part of their identity and 60% haven’t changed their mobile number in the last 5 years. The makes the mobile a real trust anchor when looking at secure ways of creating a customer experience. For that recent, taking advantage of the technology can propel you into the 21st century in terms of both security and customer experience.

Ultimately, customers are key to the success of your business and providing them with a secure and user-friendly way to work with you will enable further growth. Phone verification is a method of doing just that and is now becoming more than a new fad but something you must have to keep up with industry standards. If you are looking for phone verification services, StrategicDB can help!