Prior to uploading any lists to your CRM or Database, you should be doing taking the following steps:

  1. De-duping your new list – there is nothing worst than creating duplicates.  While, many CRMs and Database have automatic duplicate catchers by applying the email address, there are instances where this may not be the case. If your list does not have an email address, you are uploading company data, or other scenarios where de-duping maybe needed prior to upload.
  2. Formatting Data – In some instances, your data format on your list maybe different from the data format used in your CRM. Some common examples include:
    • Date formats-  for example – 2019-01-01 is found on your list, but it should be Jan 01, 2019.
    • CAPS – Sometimes the data that you are uploading comes in all CAPS while you use PROPER formatting.
    • Phone numbers – if you are using automatic diallers you may need to have your phone number be in a specific format for example (212)888-8888 or 212-888-8888 or 2128888888.
    • Zip Codes/Postal Codes – Same with the phone numbers, you may need it in a certain format, some companies use zip+4, some have spaces and so on.
  3. Normalizing Data – In some instances your data may need to be categorized or normalized to match the existing groups. While some marketing automation tools can help automat this step, others may require manual categorization. Some common fields include: Industry, Title, Country, State/Province and type of contact/account.
  4. Source of Data – Is the crucial information for any data uploading. Without proper source of data, you cannot attribute your sale to, analyze the quality of your list and worst you could be violating privacy laws. It is advisable to use the same naming convention for your source of data and including the date. For example, “Event_DMA_20190105” or “PartnerProgram_ABC_20190110”
  5. QA Data Upload – Most people forget about their list as soon as the upload is done. What should be happening is that the list should be go through quality control. To QA your list upload, check the following:
    • The total number of rows in your CRM match your list.
    • The format matches the rest of the CRM.
    • The source of data was captured.

These 5 simple steps taken when uploading your list can save you the headaches of data cleaning your CRM in the future. If your CRM has historical data which needs data cleaning, StrategicDB can help.