When looking at data quality, your database should be accurate, up to date, have only unique records, be consistent and usable. There are many tools on the marketplace that will help address data quality, below is the list of top 10 tools that will help solve for a certain data quality issue that you may have.

Experian – The biggest player for B2C data appending and enhancement. While maybe a bit pricey, they have the biggest database for appending and verifying addresses, lifestyle and demographical data and can help you with your direct mail campaigns.

DemandTools – One of the best Salesforce tools available for de-duping and data manipulation. Although, it could be a bit hard to use, the benefit of DemandTools is that they they back up your data.

De-duping tool – For identifying duplicates, strategicDB’s De-duping tool is a leader in marketplace for using customized business rules to de-dupe any types of data.

Hoovers – For B2B, it is the best source of business data such as industry, annual revenue and number employees. They can append account or company data based on address and company name.

Zoominfo – If you are looking to acquire contacts for your company data, Zoominfo is one of the data acquisition database which have a higher data quality standards, although be prepared for 20% bounce rates.

TowerData – For B2C, this is the best source of validating personal emails and appending emails to existing customers. Reasonably priced, it can save you the headaches of high bounce backs.

Melissa Data – Similar to Experian, Melissa data can help validate addresses, append missing data and so on. They focus on B2C data.

R/Python Data Cleaning Modules –  For machine learning, there are many different data cleaning packages that can help with data normalization/standardizations. Although, de-duping is a bit basic or will require a lot of resources to do it right.

If you are looking for data quality services, that can help with de-duping, data standardization, appending and data validation, StrategicDB can help.