There are many types of data you can validate and/or verify this includes: addresses, phone numbers, emails, websites, psychographics, demographics and firmographics. There is a big different between verification and validation, let’s examine the difference based on the type of data that you are trying to verify or validate.

Email Verification Vs. Email Validation

Email validation typically costs a fraction of email verification, simply because validation will only verify if the email is deliverable. While email verification makes sure the correct person is attached to the email address in your CRM. You want to do validation if your deliverability score is low or your bounce rate is going up. While email verification is important if you have an issue with matching your emails to contacts.

Address Verification Vs. Address Validation

Address validation is similar to email validation, with the difference is if the mail will be delivered via the postal office or not. While address verification, will make sure that the company or person is still at that address. Some other address verification you may want to include is deceased records, new address of those people that have moved and type of address in case of PO Boxes.

Phone Verification Vs. Phone Validation

Phone validation is similar to address validation and email validations where the phone number is confirmed that it exists. However, if you are trying to make sure the phone number goes to the person or company in your records you have to do phone verification.

All other verification/validations

For other data types the difference between validation and verification is very small. However, with verification most data providers will include the corrected information as oppose to just providing yes or no. Whenever you are validating or verifying data, the key is to make sure the data providers can match your data to their databases. It is not surprising to see match rates as low as 30%, therefore, StrategicDB recommends you use multiple data providers. StrategicDB does offer services to both validate or verify data so you will get match rates of 90% and above by using multiple data providers and doing manual research where needed. To learn more about StrategicDB’s data verification process, click here.