Data cleanliness and high data integrity are vital and rewarding to any type of organization. Business decisions are made based on data. There is absolutely no point in grinding wrong numbers, inaccurate, outdated, invalid pieces of data. It is not only useless and unproductive but also risky and damaging to any company. High quality, clean data leads to correct business insights, improves organization strategies, ROIs and overall performance. Cleansed data also discovers and helps avoid duplicates, unformatted data and prevents future errors.

How can we diagnose good, clean data? What features help us to be sure that our data is clean and healthy?

Clean data means that your data is precise, absolute, consistent, justifiable, well formatted, duplications free. These are just some core diagnostics of the cleansed data. To have a detailed picture we can consider them one by one:

  • Clean data is accurate data. You need to ensure that the measurements are correct. One of the ways to check data accuracy is to compare your data with other sources of data to make sure they match and mirror the situation accurately. The data should be randomly and regularly checked to reveal any discrepancies. You can use email validations or email verification services, address verification and other third party tools and services.
  • Cleansed data is the data that is complete. Your data should be free of missing fields, missing information. Data should be verified and missing pieces be obtained from internal sources or third party sources. In the latter case, it is extremely important to ensure that third party sources are legitimate, trustworthy and reputable.
  • Data cleanness assumes that data is consistent. It means that data should not be different across data sets. For instance, customer email address or addresses are to be the same across various tables. It should be mentioned that it is vital to maintain data consistency on a regular basis and make routine updates a rule.
  • Quality data is justifiable, valid data. All data entries should be properly placed. Information available to the public to be verified and thus validated. Some data becomes outdated very quickly. It is key to carry on regular checks to keep your data valid and up to date. Make sure you use last modified date and date created. Remember any data that is greater than 18 months is probably outdated.
  • Good data should be well formatted. It sounds simple but formatting causes multiple errors, not mentioning annoying error messages. Incorrect format can easily cause discrepancies and should not be left without attention. Some rules can be set up in programs to minimize negative impacts on your data. Also when your data is uniform it is easier for you to maintain it and keep it clean. The process is called data standardization or normalization where similar data is grouped into the same bucket.

Data cleaning is a complex and sometimes not a cheap process. However, it is not only vital but actually important for your business performance. What is cheaper to pay and have good results, profitability and future success or save on data cleanliness, get wrong insights, reproduce errors, repeat malicious strategies and have a risk of losing your business? The answer is simple: clean data today is a refined and rewarding strategy tomorrow, meaning better chances of a success story.

Cleansed data is a truly rewarding initiative. The following are just some well known rewards of the clean data sets:

– boost of productivity. Your employees don’t waste time on making wrong calls, verifying and rechecking information when something does not match, looking for missing pieces;

– better retention and improved brand reputation. Deduped, clean data help avoid calling the same customer multiple times, risking to lose company loyal clientele and good name.

– better customer acquisition. If your data is not cleansed the CRM team is helpless. Your marketing campaigns are prone to failure as well. Without standardization you cannot run segmented campaigns.

– accurate business insights. Incorrect, dirty data leads to erroneous decisions and strategies that can substantially ruin your business.

– clean data helps increase ROIs. Marketing campaigns that are refined and based on cleansed data are more effective. The response rates are higher meaning higher ROIs.

Clean data today is crucial for any company prosperity and healthy business flow. It is also within your reach. If you need your data to be cleansed we are here to help you, feel free to contact us at we are a boutique data cleansing agency, that works with your timelines, data cleansing needs and budgets.