Cleansed data means quality and quality means better analysis, decision making and marketing/sales. If someone has doubts about data cleansing and can not decide to clean or not to clean the following advantages of data cleansing may help make decision in favor of clean and quality data.

  1. Clean data encourages proper insights.

It is quite obvious. Correct, clean, quality data is the platform for successful  business intelligence performance of any organization. Wrong metrics lead to wrong analysis, reporting and dashboards, that have a crucial impact on decision making. The results of wrong decisions deteriorate marketing strategies, causes poor performance, ends in loss of money and sadly, sometimes, lead up to business fiascos. On the contrary, clean, valid, accurate data ensures timely, valid, correct, clear insights, reveals soft spots allowing to make right and timely decisions. Accurate insights help refine future strategies, save money, fix glitches, enhance company prosperity. Ongoing data cleansing maintains stability of companies, improve decisions and allows to keep smooth business growth and stability.

  1. Cleansed data stimulates productivity.

Clean data frees workforce time from repeating useless work. It reduces inefficiencies, for example: different sales calling the same customer multiple times; fixing errors and trying to make sense of the non matching numbers, repeating the same work over and over again. It creates a good working atmosphere, reduces irritation and fatigue of company staff. Cleansed data allows to minimize errors made by employees and leads to increased productivity and loyalty of employees, which are vital for company reputation, stability and success.

  1. Accurate, clean data improves customer retention and acquisition.

CRM and Marketing teams that have the privilege of working with cleansed, valid data are able to acquire new customers based on correct segmentation, precisely targeted campaigns. Accurately targeting strategies are prone to better customer response rates, new customers acquisition. Cleansed data allows to maintain customer loyalty and powerful enough to bring back the lapsed customers. More customers mean better company performance and profitability. Cleansed, high quality data also allows refine future marketing strategies and timely coordinate work of CRM and Marketing teams ensuring success.

  1. Cleansed data safeguards resources

One of the aspects of data cleansing is deduping, i.e. duplicates and inaccuracies removal. It allows companies to save money by reducing processing time and space. Duplicated records can be very costly and exhausting,  eating up storage space and creating havoc on servers. If you are looking to de-dupe your records, contact StrategicDB, for their data de-duplication services. 

  1. Data hygiene helps increase revenues

Ongoing cleansing strategies and clean data have a huge impact on ROIs (return on investment). To clean the data might be expensive but if it increases revenue it is well paid off. Success of Marketing and CRM teams entirely depends on clean, quality data. Marketing initiatives that have clear, well tuned strategies have higher customer response rates. Better response rate leads to revenue increase. Also it improves customer loyalty that again generates higher revenue and bring about good company name.

Timely, ongoing data cleansing is key to any organization success in the short and long run. It saves time, money, help maintain stability and improvement. Need help in data cleaning feel free to contact StrategicDB at