Looking for an email verification provider? First step is to understand the difference between an email verification vs. email validation. Email validation tends to only address the deliverability of the email address, while email verification verifies that it belongs to the person that you have listed in your CRM. Here are the top 5 email verification providers:

B2C: In order to validate your B2C contacts you will need to provide the email verification providers with first and last name, physical address as well as the email.

  1. TowerData – Offers Email Validation and also email appending services. They are reasonably priced and have great customer service and high match rates.
  2. Experian – Is not just a credit scoring company, but they offer a large amount of data quality services including email verification. Their match rates are typically around 30-40%.
  3. Melissa Data – Has similar product offerings to Experian.

B2B: In order to validate your B2B contacts you will need to provide company’s name and/or website along with first and last name of the person and email address.

      4. Oceanos – Is a high quality B2B Data appending and verification providers. They can also find look alike contacts to build out your CRM.

      5. ZoomInfo – Is similar to Oceanos where they will append and verify data.

For validation services, there are a few providers some that can integrate with your marketing automation tool or ESP while others are stand alone tools. Of those companies is Kickbox which integrates with many solutions and is an affordable way to ensure that your emails are delivered.

In order to ensure high match rates and high quality we recommend using more than one provider. For B2B emails that are of high value to your business, we also recommend using LinkedIn to find the most up to date information if the email has bounced.

Email verification is typically only one of the steps in the data clean up initiative, for complete data cleansing, we also recommend de-duping, appending missing information and categorizing fields. Contact StrategicDB to get your free data audit and data cleansing strategy.