Data migration is a complex and highly fragile operation of transferring the data. Prior to start, data migration/transfer procedure should be thoroughly discussed, thought through and established. Needless to say that accident errors during data migration are extremely costly. The data can be corrupted, lost, become incompatible, inconsistent, dirty, thus, not effective. The impact of ruined or lost data is unacceptable for any business. Dirty data can result in incorrect analysis, wrong decision making, failed marketing strategies, lost revenues and reputation to name a few. Also it is timely and costly to fix any mishaps of data transferring.

There are some essential aspects to be considered when you decide to migrate the data. Let’s review some of them.

WHO IS INVOLVED IN DATA MIGRATION? Start with the evaluation of the team of professionals who are going to perform your sensitive data migration. Invite third party consultants to help if necessary. Data migration process requires skills and knowledge to be successful. If you are using a data migration software make sure that it suits your objectives and simply right for your needs.

HAVE A PROJECT PLAN. Organization success depends on data and, thus, its availability to various teams and departments is key to perform their job without any interruptions and time lost. It means that data migration process is time sensitive and should meet the project timelines. Ensure that you have substantial resources that are capable to complete data transfer on time. 

BACKUP YOUR DATA. It is crucial to create data backup prior to migration procedure. This simple step will allow you to protect your data from any loss. In case of any failure during files transformations you will be able to restore lost or corrupted data and keep data quality intact.

ANALYZE DATA. Thoroughly analyze the data that you are going to migrate prior to the data migration process. Identify data format and location. Format errors are not only pretty common but extremely sensitive. Mixing formats create a real havoc to data. Prior to migration define sensitive points of your data that may require extra protection. Good knowledge of data will help migration process.

DATA CLEANSING is core before you start data migrating. It is a good opportunity to clean data. Establish format consistency to avoid analyzing errors. Nothing is more annoying than duplicate records that result in wrong reporting and destabilize work of many teams.  Dedupe data, i.e. remove duplicate records, prior to data migration. Data migration represents a good chance to fill in the data that is missing. Only complete data is considered quality data. With time some pieces of data become out of date and lose their validity. So don’t forget to update your records and make your data accurate, complete and valid.

MONITOR DATA MIGRATION PROCESS. Constantly supervise data migration process in order to be able to determine and fix any issues that may arise during the procedure. It is easier to catch any errors on the way than look for causes of discrepancies when the data migration process is complete. Also monitor that all the rules of your data migration plan are applied and followed up. Make sure that connection between source and target systems is stable and properly maintained during data migration process.

AFTER MIGRATION DO NOT FORGET TO DO A DATA AUDIT. When data migration is complete it is mandatory to conduct a quality data check up to ensure that your data is clean and complete. It is not a bad idea to make random testing on migrated data. Compare your final version with the data that you have backed up. Run multiple check ups including, for example, number of records in tables, compare field names,  verify date formatting, etc.

Successful data migration is the process that you can not avoid working with data. Its quality allows companies to succeed and improve their business intelligence capabilities. And good and accurate metrics is a powerful privilege of strong and prosperous companies.

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