Data migration is a complex and risky task that organizations can not ignore due to constant necessity of systems and database upgrades, storage issues, new systems and applications acquisitions, etc. Some companies assign the job to their IT departments, some use outsourcing. It is not easy to perform data migration since it requires lots of knowledge, thoroughly worked planning, optimized solutions and efficient approach. To save time and money many organizations cooperate with data migration service companies. Why? Let’s consider some advantages of hiring the professional team.

Time saving. Hiring professionals allow you to save time on training your workforce. Also when you employees learn about the process makes them familiar with the process but they still will lack the experience meaning they will need more time to refine their skills. Professional services have the necessary expertness to speed up the data migration procedure. They help reduce interference with daily business flow and minimize manual efforts.

Expertise. A lot is at stake when you perform data migration. Since data is precious and fragile you can not afford to lose or corrupt it.  Usually migration services company have a structured and well planned approach taking into consideration unexpected challengers due to their narrow specialization.

Data cleansing. Prior to starting data migration the data should be free of noise, i.e. your data should be clean. Data migration service company provides data cleaning that includes various stages. It is a time consuming process due to the volume of work but its return on investment is huge. A professional data cleansing company, will not only save time but make sure you do not have any data losses!

You can not perform data migration having incomplete, misspelled, outdated, not valid data. Data cleansing is the process of finding and correcting corrupt or simply bad data.  Some steps of data cleansing process include:

  • Deduping – the process of defining repeated/duplicate records and their purging or merging depending on business rules;  
  • Appending missing data – clean data does not tolerate blanks or missing records. The missing data is filled up using third party reliable data source. 
  • Data formatting – format is tricky subject. Sometimes it is impossible to run a query for a dashboard and the reason is that the same field has different format that is not compatible with the format set up in analytical tool. For data migration it is crucial to have a consistent format settings throughout the dataset. Otherwise, the migration process can fail completely.
  • Data update – old, outdated data does not represent a good value. Only recent records constitute the information that CRM and Marketing teams can use and analytical teams can apply for current metrics. 
  • Data validation – data is a living thing, it is changing all the time. People change addresses, phone numbers, jobs, etc. During data cleansing process all data is being checked up and changed to reveal real, correct values.

Storage cost. Data migration provided quickly and efficiently ensures lower costs of storage and, therefore, increase ROI.

Data migration services allow your organization a smooth data transition, maintaining data cleanliness and efficiency, saving time and money.