Thanks to modern technologies companies accumulate tons of data and data collection can not be perfectly clean. It is no secret that dirty data is a common thing and requires cleansing prior to be used. Only cleansed data is the data acceptable for any form of analytics. The data cleansing process involves multiple steps and depends on a business specifics. Today, companies can perform data cleansing in house or hire data cleansing professionals.

To decide if you should do data cleansing in house or outsource data cleansing services here are a few things to consider:

  • Mistakes corrected

There are different kinds of errors that make the data not clean. It may be human errors during data input, misspelled words, other typos. Data cleansing task is to fix or reduce these errors.

  • Blanks filled up

Very often there are blanks in the data meaning the records are just missing. They might be omitted during data entering, not answered, or not available at the time of the input. To complete data set you need to fill up the missing gaps.

  • Formats fixed

Formats are a headache for data analysts since the same correct data may be presented using different formats. Especially it is a common problem for the date formats. The data should be well formatted to avoid wrong outcome. For example, May 10th of 2019 can be typed as 05/10/19, 10/05/19, 19/05/10. It is clear that depending on the data formatting the report will be distorted. That’s why the cleansed data should have unified formatting.

  • Duplicates removed

Duplicate records lead to multiple discrepancies and a real nuisance. The process called deduping is a data cleansing practice of identifying and removing duplicate accounts.

  • Data validated

With time even correct data may become invalid due to inevitable changes. Customers can move, can replace the internet provider, phone, etc. Such changes make your data outdated, invalid and simply useless. A part of data cleansing process involves data validation and update.

  • Standardize Data

It is impossible to do any segmentation or analysis on data that is not formatted correctly or has been categorized.

To keep the data clean and healthy some companies perform data cleansing in house and some hire professionals to do it. As always there are pros and cons. The benefit of doing the job in house includes the knowledge of business rules. Nobody knows your business better than you and only you set up the goals based on your specific business rules. The other advantage of data cleansing in house is that you have a good understanding of your complex data.

Now consider some benefits of data cleansing performed by a boutique data cleansing agency.

Expertise is core in every business and data cleansing is not an exception to that rule. Data cleansing experts work in different business spheres and can bring their wide knowledge and competence to complete data cleansing in a well-organized way.

Instead of loading your workforce with extra long hours of data cleansing you have the option to save time and maintain your team productivity by hiring data cleansing professionals to do the job. You will save on time by avoiding multitasking and overloading of your company manpower.

Data cleansing services are not cheap but they are still cost effective compared to the cost of acquiring new software and hiring software consultants to perform data cleansing in house.

 To clean the data, data cleansing professionals cooperate with a reliable third party data providers. Thus, they maintain the high quality data cleansing that makes your data complete, valid and up to date.

Clean data is an absolute must today and only companies that rely on cleansed data stay competitive and successful on the market. The boutique data cleansing agency will work together with your team to understand the complex data and business rules and bring their own expertise to save you the headache of doing it yourself.

If you are looking to outsource your data cleansing, StrategicDB can help as we provide customized data cleansing solutions.